No New Year’s Party this year

Published 9:05 pm Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Most folks remember last year’s New Year’s Eve bash hosted by the Greater Suffolk Council. So what happened this year?

Cathy McIntyre, President of the GSC, said the council is unable to host a New Year’s party this year.

“While I can’t speak for the whole board, I – myself – really enjoyed the party the last couple years,” McIntyre said. “It would have been nice to have been able to move forward with that this year, but we couldn’t.”

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This year would have marked the third year of the party, but due to the economic hard times the council decided not to host it.

“It was an economic decision,” said Thomas Woodward, a GSC board member. “Last year the event paid for itself through ticket costs and sponsorships, but it was a concern that it wouldn’t this year.”

The council meets once a month at local restaurants and businesses. Its goal is to stimulate the local economy and “bring attention to new businesses that are changing or having an event,” Woodward said. “We want to help everyone who is doing business in downtown Suffolk.”

This year, members will be focusing on taking opportunities that are already happening in the community and helping to promote other New Year’s events.