Boy becomes Suffolk’s first baby

Published 5:18 pm Friday, January 1, 2010

Euronda Eaton spent early Friday afternoon making a few, late New Year phone calls. She had planned to make them during New Year’s Eve, or at the latest, Friday morning, but she was a little busy.

Eaton, along with family and friends, spent the early hours of 2010 giving birth to her second child, and what has proven to be the first baby born in Suffolk this year … and this decade.

“I wasn’t even thinking about this being the first baby of the year until someone mentioned it during delivery,” Eaton said. “I wasn’t worried about what they were saying. I was just focused on having the baby.”


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Sitting in her room at Sentara Obici, Eaton said the pregnancy went very well but the work on projecting the delivery date proved a little more difficult.

“At one point we were told the due date would be Jan. 5 and then earlier this week doctors told us it looked a lot more like Jan. 13,” Eaton said. “I guess he was going to come out when he wanted to come.”

The “he” she referred to was David Augustus White, Jr., and the newest addition to the family and Eaton’s second child in less than two years.

“We were not really planning on having a second this soon,” Eaton said, mentioning her daughter, Davina Lei White is just 22 months old. “I was hoping his big sister would have been four or five years old by the time we had the second one.”

With the projection she wasn’t due for at least a few more days, Eaton attended New Year’s Eve services at Main Street Baptist Church in Smithfield.

“We have a dinner and service each year on New Year’s Eve and I was back getting some dinner when I started having contractions,” Eaton said. “As soon as that happened I had another member of the church with me timing my contractions. I knew it was time to go.”

Eaton said her partner, and father of her children, David Augustus White (now Sr.), was there and doing exactly what the father should do as the baby is being born.

“He was here all along and doing exactly what I and others told him to do,” Eaton said. “He and I are both so happy and excited.”

David Augustus White, Jr. was born very healthy, weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces at 2:25 a.m.

As she prepared to take yet another photo of her and her newborn, Eaton said little David is a photo pro now.

“Everyone has had their camera phones out today and his father was sending photo slides to everyone he knows,” Eaton said.