Support Relay for Life

Published 8:15 pm Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Throughout our country’s history, we have proven we can defeat any opponent, regardless of the challenges presented.

Our country – through our combined efforts – pulled itself out of the Great Depression and worked to eliminate deadly diseases such as measles and polio.

That history – and that track record of success – leads us to believe the next great challenge before us – cancer – can also be defeated.


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Cancer has touched nearly every family. Together, we have celebrated some victories against the disease and endured great sadness in our defeats. We have learned to remain positive through the fight and to stay resolved, regardless of the outcome.

This month, the Suffolk Relay for Life will hold kick off its annual fundraising efforts, working to raise money for cancer research. Local teams will join others from around the country to raise millions to help fight this terrible disease.

The dollars raised through bake sales, car washes and other fundraisers will fund important research. In fact, Relay’s success over the past years has led to tremendous breakthroughs in our fight against cancer, and there is little doubt more breakthroughs are just around the corner.

Cancer knows no boundaries. It strikes without warning and without prejudice. It knows no color, no economic status, nor education level. We are all equal before cancer.

In order to defeat this terrible and relentless opponent, it will take our best effort and our commitment to success.

In many ways, Relay for Life is a celebration of those survivors among us, but it is equally a chance to mourn those who lost the good fight.

We wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Suffolk Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society and ask others to join in and help defeat cancer.

Victory over cancer would be a headline and front-page story we would just love to write.

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