Good deed gets punished

Published 7:32 pm Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Someone once said, “No good deed goes unpunished.” In the case of a local pastor, her attempts to help someone down on his luck were, unfortunately, punished.

The story of the Providence United Methodist Church pastor, who opened up her church to a man asking for help and then was assaulted by that same man, is one that will resonate throughout this giving community.

For so long, local charities and organizations, including local churches, have raised money, organized events and reached out to those who are struggling for one reason or another. There are constant efforts to help the homeless, feed the hungry and provide rest to the weary.


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And Tuesday’s events have shown there are those who would take advantage of that giving spirit. The assault of this pastor — this woman of God — is despicable and reprehensible.

There is no doubt this pastor will continue to help those in need, continue to lend a helping hand when one is asked for. There is no doubt she will continue to spread the message of hope and God’s love and not let what happened Tuesday night deter her from her mission.

Nor should we let this deter us.

Just because one person has taken advantage of the system, does not mean that everyone asking for help or knocking on your door for a helping hand up is preparing to attack you. This isolated incident does not mean those who need our help the most are those who would strike us in the back of the head when we are not looking.

The search for this man will continue and we hope his capture his quick, his trial is fair and whatever judgment ordered is done so quickly.

What he did Tuesday night in assaulting this area pastor will be remembered for a long time, but it is our hope that her willingness to help those who ask will continue to spread to others. And, we hope her ability to forgive is one that we all can emulate.