Ready For the rush?

Published 7:33 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When the top two teams in the NFL meet in Miami on Sunday, it is likely to make for the most-watched night of television of the year in America. And with all those fans tuned to the big game during dinner, it’s easy to understand why Super Bowl food is almost as important to many fans as the game itself.

In full knowledge that no Super Bowl party can reach its full potential on an empty stomach, grocery stores and restaurants all over America are stocking up for a busy Super Bowl Sunday.

For many pizza places, Super Bowl Sunday is their busiest time of year. The date rivals the Fourth of July for many grocery stores.

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“Super Bowl Sunday is probably one of the busiest days of the year for us,” said Lisa O’Connor, manager of Sal’s Pizzeria by Maurizio on Main Street.

Last year, Sal’s Pizzeria sold at least 1,000 wings, according to O’Connor.

“We do them hot, mild, BBQ and in Sal’s special sauce — a garlic,” she said. “But, being a pizza place we still sell a lot of our monster 24-inch — that’s two feet — pizza.”

Other pizza shops in Suffolk — including Domino’s and Papa John’s — are gearing up for a busy day, as well.

“Fridays and Saturdays are our busiest days, but we get phone calls every second of every minute on Super Bowl Sunday,” said Britney Miller, assistant manager at Domino’s. “We’re so busy, it’s mandatory for everybody — inside workers, managers and drivers — in the store to work on Sunday.”

Grocery stores are already preparing for the rush.

A chips, dip and drink display will be set up in the front of Farm Fresh, and their peanut stand is already in place. Baskets of beer and peanut combinations are already made and fresh football-shaped breads will baked for the big day.

“We have a ton of specials coming out on Wednesday,” said David Connor, Farm Fresh store director. “We’ll have subs, team balloons, beer, cakes, pizzas and platters — wings, cheese and ham biscuit trays.”

Harris Teeter also will have an assortment of trays people should order 24 hours in advance.

“If our shoppers do not have time to make their own party meal for their Sunday festivities, they should consider placing a party platter order,” said Catherine Reuhl, Harris Teeter communication specialist. “Customers can choose from Fresh Foods Market party platters including The Entertainer and The Cheese Sampler; The Hero Collection and The Six Footer; Deviled Delights and Chicken Fingers. Our Fisherman’s Market also has a great selection of platters like the Seafood Sampler, and if they want something a bit lighter, the Farmers Market Vegetable Dip Tray is great, as well.”