Right on time

Published 7:54 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In September, both of the clocks on Main Street in downtown Suffolk had the incorrect time — and they did not even have the same incorrect time.

Folks traveling downtown wondered why the clocks — one on the Professional Building at the corner of Main and Washington streets, and one at the corner of Main and Bank streets, by the courthouse — were so out of sync with each other and with the actual time.

Neither of the clocks is owned by the city. Global Real Estate Investments, Inc., owns the clock on the Professional Building and the Pretlow & Pretlow law firm owns the clock by the courthouse.

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The law firm fixed its clock shortly after the a story about the situation appeared in September in the Suffolk News-Herald.

“The motor mechanism burned out,” Joshua Pretlow said. “We put entirely new motor works and controllers and stuff in it.”

The clock on the Professional Building, however, has yet to be fixed. At 2:25 p.m. Tuesday, that clock read 12:10. Global Real Estate Investments, Inc. did not return a call seeking comment Tuesday.

Pretlow said in September that the clocks are so complex that people in town are not able to work on them.

“I don’t have anyone in town that can work on them,” Pretlow said then. “I need to bring in someone to handle it.”

Diana Klink, media and community relations manager for the city, said in September that city staff had logged complaints from members of the public who thought the clocks belonged to the city.

At least one writer of a letter to the editor thanked the Pretlow firm for fixing its clock, but lamented that the other clock has not been fixed.

“Why not get our clocks downtown consistent with the time?” Dorothy Rawles wrote recently. “Thanks to whoever took prompt action and corrected the setting on the clock at the corner of Main and Bank streets.”