Amato to try again

Published 9:05 pm Friday, February 5, 2010

International motivational speaker Rick Amato was not able to make it to Wilroy Baptist Church last weekend as planned — but he is going to try again this weekend.

“Let’s just believe that I’m going to make it,” Amato said, laughing, during a phone interview last week. He is believing again this week, despite the blizzard that is expected along much of the eastern seaboard.

Amato’s life story is what he calls “beyond imagination.” One of his brothers has been shot in the head, another was run over by a car, and Amato was involved in a serious accident — and all three are still alive.

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“That was an epiphanous time,” Amato said. That was when Amato gave his life to Christ and began spreading his message around the globe, visiting more than 44 countries.

“It’s just been a total life of miracles ever since then,” Amato said. He has spoken to more than a million high school students and preached in Russia as one of the first ministers to interview Mikhail Gorbachev.

Amato looks forward to coming to Suffolk, he said.

“I almost died,” Amato said. “I know I’m living on borrowed time, and that I lived so I could come to Suffolk. I could offer them the hope that they can be free from fear.”

“We hope to pack the church,” Hearn said.

Amato, if he makes it to the area, will speak at Wilroy Baptist Church, 306 Williams Road, at 11 a.m. For more information, call 539-5658.