Recycling sign-ups continue

Published 9:14 pm Saturday, February 13, 2010

With sign-ups for the city’s new recycling service reaching close to 1,200, officials at TFC Recycling are moving on to the next phase of their sign-up scheme.

The first group of people to sign up were those who are passionate about recycling, said LeAnne Benedetto, communications director for TFC Recycling. Those people have signed up at booths at retail and grocery stores throughout Suffolk, on the city Web site, and through homeowners’ associations.

With a goal of 3,000 people to sign up before the service will start, TFC is changing its sign-up tactics, Benedetto said.

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“Now, it’s more of going out to get the people who may not be as passionate about recycling, but learn about the program and say, ‘Yeah, I do want to do that,’” Benedetto said. “It’s more of a personal, one-on-one push.”

Benedetto said residents can expect to have volunteers ringing their bells and placing recycling information on their doors in the coming weeks.

“A lot of people are busy,” Benedetto said. “[The recycling program] is not at the top of their mind, even though they’ve seen it five times in five different places. It’s going to take getting into the neighborhoods and spreading the word about how beneficial it is.”

Volunteers could start knocking on doors as early as next week, Benedetto said.

“Our push is really through the rest of February,” Benedetto said. “Over the next six weeks, somebody’s going to have something on their door, whether it’s a knock or some information.”

The company will continue with its sign-up booth events at the grocery stores, Benedetto said. However, getting into the neighborhoods will capitalize on the neighborliness TFC has seen in Suffolk, Benedetto said.

“I get the feeling that people who signed up, these are people who actually know who their neighbors are and talk to their neighbors,” Benedetto said. “That would not be the story in every community. That’s why we think going door-to-door and just informing people more will be effective.”

TFC Recycling is a Chesapeake-based company that is contracted by the city to pick up recycling items for Suffolk. For a $12 fee each month, those who choose to participate will receive a recycling container similar to the trash containers the city provides most homes. Participants can dump a wide variety of materials into the cans, which then would be picked up twice a month on trash day.

To register online, or for more information, visit The company now also has a Facebook fan page. Those who sign up for the program do not have to give their billing information until after the 3,000-household threshold is met.

Those without Internet access can call 543-5766 to register, or visit one of the following sign-up events:

Harris Teeter at Marketplace at Harbour View

Feb. 13

Feb. 20

March 6

March 20

Farm Fresh on Main Street

Feb. 27

March 6

March 20

Farm Fresh on Bridge Road

Feb. 28

March 7

March 21

Wal-Mart on N. Main Street

Feb. 13