Sections spotlight Suffolk’s great future

Published 7:43 pm Friday, February 26, 2010

In Sunday’s edition of the Suffolk News-Herald, we will publish the final sections of our annual Horizons edition, wrapping up an extensive look at Suffolk, its history, its future and the people who make it such a dynamic city.

On the past few Sundays, we have published sections spotlighting the education system, local industries, the health sector and some tremendous residents. Tomorrow, the final two sections, “Our Past & Our Future” and “Quality of Life,” will be published.

The annual Horizons edition has been a mainstay of the News-Herald for years, but this one has an interesting perspective of Suffolk.

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As we pull ourselves out of an economic recession, Suffolk has proved its resiliency and heart, which is often reflected in the people who are the leaders of our community. Suffolk’s leaders are sometimes those in elected office, but more often they are the people leading churches and charities, those in real estate development or teaching school. Suffolk’s true leaders are the men and women who far too often do not get the credit they deserve or the praise we owe them.

In the “Our Past & Our Future” section, we spotlight our community’s — and our nation’s — future by featuring local students who we believe will “change the world.”

The stories describe students who have aspirations for great things in their life, along with the drive and skills to make their goals reality.

These features — along with the other great stories in our annual Horizons edition — are proof our community is on great footing and is building on a solid foundation.

If the projections of Suffolk’s population doubling over the next 30 years become reality, we are going to need these young leaders.

The annual Horizons edition is anything but easy to produce, but if it provides just a small glimpse of what Suffolk is all about and the people who make it so special, then the work was well worth it.