Center adds to cultural backbone

Published 11:15 pm Friday, March 12, 2010

What began Friday evening may be one of the best representations of the true mission of the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. When the local actors and actresses portraying characters in the play “Oliver!” came out on stage, executive director Paul Lasakow probably could have declared “a job well done.”

Amongst all the world-renowned musical and theatrical acts brought to Suffolk by the center over the years, it is these community-based projects and art classes that go to the heart of why the center was created, and represent the true impact it has on the character of Suffolk.

The exhibits it has hosted marking the city’s rich agricultural history and ties to the once thriving peanut industry, give residents great retrospect on what has gone into creating the growing city of Suffolk.

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The outreach programs to area schools have enhanced the arts programs for area students and further enrich the cultural backbone of the city. The art classes, dance classes, pottery classes and more provide an outlet for children and adults alike looking for that artistic influence in their lives.

As we documented in a recent article, the financial health of the facility is not where it needs to be, but it is improving and that is truly thanks to the center’s leadership and commitment to their place in Suffolk.

And while it is improving, the center’s administration is not satisfied with just marked improvement, they are looking for greatness in everything they do.

For those who have not toured the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts, you are missing one of Suffolk’s true jewels.

What was once the building that housed Suffolk High School, educating generations of Suffolk residents, has continued on that path of ensuring the learning process never ends, but rather is enhanced for years to come.

The productions of “Oliver!” serve as further testimony to the great work the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is doing and just another item on a long resume of preserving and developing the artistic culture of Suffolk.