Failed dam closes 460

Published 9:28 pm Thursday, April 1, 2010

City officials still are unsure how long Pruden Boulevard will be closed because of a failed dam.

The man-made dam, which is on private property, failed over the weekend, said city spokeswoman Debbie George. Heavy rain on Sunday night and Monday morning caused water from Lake Sadler Pond to cross over the dam, taking a section of the top with it. In addition, water is moving through the dam and around pipes in the dam.

City officials closed Pruden Boulevard in the 2500 block, concerned that water could reach and run across the roadway.

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With continued good weather, the water level will continue to go down, which decreases the level of risk for the road.

“The more it goes down, the less of a concern is posed,” George said.

Structural engineers have visited the dam and collected soil samples, and the city’s Public Works Department has contacted the State Department of Conservation and Recreation, which is the regulatory agency for dam safety.

This is the fourth time the dam has failed in 10 years, George added. City officials are working with two private owners to determine a long-term fix for the structure.