Funding recommendations made

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Contributions to local nonprofit organizations would account for about $289,000 of the city’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2010-2011. But not everyone will go away from the table happy if things remain as they have been proposed.

Under a budget proposal that will be up for public discussion during a City Council meeting tonight, several organizations in the city would get full funding of their requests. Others — most notably the Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad — would get significantly less than they’ve asked the city for.

A representative for the Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad said the group would have several people at tonight’s public hearing to speak to City Council about the reduction. The group asked for $100,000 — the same amount it has requested for years — but only $50,000 has been recommended.

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The process for requesting inclusion in the city budget changed last year, and then it changed again this year. Councilman Robert Barclay suggested the change last year, after noticing that different organizations were asking for money at different times in the budget process.

Last year, a pot of $250,000 was allocated in the budget process, and City Manager Selena Cuffee-Glenn and her staff made the funding decisions later after hearing detailed presentations from the organizations that had requested money.

This year, applications were due in January and those presentations already have been made. Therefore, funding recommendations are included in the budget.

“It gives us an opportunity to get more information from the applicants before we have to make a decision,” Barclay said. “The idea is that we set out in advance how much we’re going to spend on these sort of things.”

Sue Woodward, president of the Suffolk Nansemond Historical Society, said she understands the need to justify where money is being spent. The budget proposes that the society get the full $10,000 it requested.

“I think it’s a good thing to take a careful look at where they’re giving their money,” Woodward said.

The Suffolk chapter of the American Red Cross also requested $10,000. The budget recommends giving the organization $5,000 out of Community Development Block Grant funding, a federal program. Development Director Ashley Greene said the funds would be used for local disaster response.

“We have and will continue to be strong partners of the city,” Greene said. “We are very happy to continue our partnership with the city in serving Suffolk citizens with life-saving services.”

Following is a complete list of the recommendations for organizations that requested money this year:

South Hampton Roads Resource Conservation and Development Council

Requested: $3,000

Recommended: $1,000

Habitat for Humanity

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $0 ($15,000 CDBG)

Suffolk Nansemond Historic Society

Requested: $10,000

Recommended: $10,000

Substance Abuse and Youth Council

Requested: $4,487

Recommended: $1,000

ForKids Suffolk House

Requested: $60,000

Recommended: $0 ($30,000 CDBG)

Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia

Requested: $20,000

Recommended: $20,000

The Genieve Shelter

Requested: $50,000

Recommended: $0 ($30,000 CDBG)

Endependence Center, Inc.

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $7,500

Eastern Virginia Medical School

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $0

Riddick’s Folly

Requested: $39,660

Recommended: $25,000

Suffolk Fine Arts Commission

Requested: $20,000

Recommended: $5,000

Suffolk Clean Community Commission

Requested: $20,000

Recommended: $15,000

Sister Cities Commission

Requested: $5,000

Recommended: $5,000

Peanut Soil and Water Conservation District

Requested: $13,500

Recommended: $5,000

The Children’s Center

Requested: $27,923

Recommended: $25,000

Suffolk Festivals, Inc.

Requested: $50,000

Recommended: $30,000

Virginia Legal Aid Society

Requested: $10,000

Recommended: $8,000

Western Tidewater Free Clinic

Requested: $115,000

Recommended: $74,370 ($25,630 CDBG)

American Red Cross

Requested: $10,000

Recommended: $0 ($5,000 CDBG)

Bennett’s Creek Little League

Requested: $7,500

Recommended: $1,000

King’s Kids of America

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $1,000

Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad

Requested: $100,000

Recommended: $50,000

Pruden Center Foundation

Requested: $10,000

Recommended: $5,000