Medical center opens in N. Suffolk

Published 10:04 pm Monday, May 3, 2010

Hours can seem like days and days like months, when a doctor tells a woman she has a lump in her breast.

She needs answers now.

But in many cases, separate appointments have to be made with separate doctors, separate tests have to be run and it can take time to get all services and answers synchronized.

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But not at the Harbour View Medical Arts building.

The building, which city leaders and hospital administrators celebrated opening last week, is now home to five specialists, which will be able to provide synchronized services.

“It’s important to a patient to be able to get things to get done expediently, and it’s much more cost effective for us,” said Dr. David Spencer of the Bon Secours Weight Loss Center. “This way, if a patient comes in and we need to refer them to another doctor, instead of having to go to three other places and make three separate appointments, we most likely have who they need right here. It can all get done in the same day.”

Offices upstairs are interlinked, so when a patient comes in, she can move from one office to another within a single hallway, instead of driving to another office or even having to open a door.

The center is located across the street from Bon Secour’s Medical Center at Harbour View, from which some of the practices moved. The building opened 11 years ago, when North Suffolk was still undeveloped, and restructuring of the arts building is one way Bon Secours has continued to grow with the community.

“Bon Secours has been a part of northern Suffolk for 11 years,” said Bon Secours CEO Michael Kerner. “This 11-year commitment has included the addition of new services, notable physicians, a caring staff and award-winning care. One new job at a time and one brick at a time, Bon Secours has added new and medically-advanced services and facilities to the Harbour View campus, such as the Medical Arts Building, even when the economic times are challenging.”

The provision of cutting-edge medical services is integral to any growing community, which city leaders have noted and Bon Secours has sought to provide.

“Bon Secours is fast becoming part of Suffolk’s history,” Suffolk Mayor Linda Johnson said. “When they first came into our community 11 years ago, the region was only beginning to grow. Suffolk is one the fastest growing regions in Hampton roads. Exceptional health care is integral to our community. In fact, many of the physicians, nurses and other staff who will provide health care services in this new Medical Arts building are Suffolk residents themselves.”