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Great time to be in Suffolk

There is discussion by some on the upper echelons of Suffolk city leadership that the city’s motto “It’s A Good Time to Be in Suffolk” needs to be changed, updated or altered to reflect a city that is constantly changing and growing.

And while the investment in marketing dollars and renewed branding may result in a heightened image of Suffolk, it is our opinion that upcoming events prove the current motto true, because it is a good time to be in Suffolk.

Over the coming weeks, those who ever dared to utter the phrase “there’s nothing to do here” will no longer have any room to complain as music shows, art exhibits, community days and parades will most definitely fill up anyone’s social calendar.

While it has already been an active few weeks throughout Suffolk, the upcoming Relay for Life, Shake, Rattle and Roll Car Show in downtown, the start of the downtown Farmers’ Market and the upcoming Festival of Flight are merely the beginning of the dozens upon dozens of events that are set to take place.

Community and city organizations have done a tremendous job planning worthwhile, family-oriented entertainment, and their efforts should be commended and congratulated.

There are times when the planned events — which have been heavily publicized by city and media outlets — have been sparsely attended, leaving some to wonder if those events should continue.

The answer is an emphatic … YES.

Events such as the Taste of Suffolk, the Holland Ruritan Founders Day, Driver Days and the like add spice to the mixture that is our city. These events offer insight into our history, culture and community foundation.

Each and every event is an opportunity for us to come together as a city — north and south — and enjoy being among our neighbors.

While there are plenty of events throughout Suffolk throughout the year, the upcoming volume mixed in with hopeful beautiful weather offers an unbeatable and can’t-miss opportunity.

It is a great time to be in Suffolk.