Rape sentence: Life in prison

Published 8:10 pm Monday, May 17, 2010

A Suffolk man was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the state prison system for the October 2008 rape, robbery, abduction and carjacking of a Suffolk woman.

Christopher Rashard Taylor, 32, was sentenced to four life terms plus 48 years for nine charges related to the crimes he committed on Oct. 10, 2008. Judge Warren Stevens imposed the same sentence recommended by the jury in a February trial.

“The defendant showed the victim no mercy back on Oct. 10, 2008,” prosecutor Nicole Belote said. “Because of that, he should be shown no mercy here today.”

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Taylor abducted the then-21-year-old woman, who is not being named because she is the victim of a sex crime, from the front door of her Suffolk Station apartment about 2 a.m. as she returned from work.

Taylor then forced the woman into the nearby woods and raped her repeatedly. He then led her back to her apartment, forced her into her car, drove to a dead end and led the woman into the woods again, where he raped her more. He also stole her cell phone, slit her throat, tied her to a log with a shirt and left her for dead, Belote said.

The woman eventually regained consciousness enough to run to Dill Road, where she flagged down a man working in a field.

Police pinpointed Taylor as a suspect after his DNA was found on a condom used in the crime, as well as on the shirt used to tie the victim to the log in the woods. In addition, the victim picked him from a photo lineup, her cell phone was found across the street from his house, and clothes matching the victim’s description of her attacker’s attire were found in Taylor’s room.

Before his sentencing, Taylor gave an impassioned speech in which he disputed the forensic evidence, saying his DNA was not found at the scene.

“Where did the DNA go?” he asked. “It just disappear, blow up?”

His attorney, Michael Fasanaro, made similar suggestions that Taylor’s DNA was never found at the scene.

Prosecutor Marie Walls called Fasanaro’s assertion that Taylor’s DNA was not at the scene “beyond reproach.”

“The victim here can never be whole, but she will have some peace knowing he is incarcerated,” Walls said.

Belote noted the victim lives with a scar on her neck from where Taylor slit her throat.

“The victim has received what amounts to a life sentence herself,” Belote said. “She has a daily reminder every time she looks in the mirror.”

Taylor was also ordered to pay restitution of more than $4,000 for expert witness fees and more than $2,000 for the victim’s hospital bills, and cannot have any contact with the victim by any means.