Loud praises for ‘Quiet Storm’

Published 9:26 pm Thursday, June 3, 2010

It was an honor that no other Virginia high school enjoyed this year. Members of the Lakeland High School Quiet Storm marching band blew into Washington, D.C., for a weekend of sightseeing, capped by the once-in-a-lifetime chance to march in the National Memorial Day Parade.

By all accounts, the teens represented their school, their city and their commonwealth well, and they returned home on Monday with treasured memories that will last them a lifetime.

The band’s invitation to march in the parade speaks well of the hard work put in by its members and its faculty director. And the fact that its members were complimented by those who watched for their professional demeanor, their courtesy and their intensity speaks to a high level of training, both at school and at home.

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Members of the community around Lakeland also deserve a measure of praise, as it was largely due to their support — with a small boost from Suffolk’s taxpayers — that the band was able to afford to make the trip to Washington at all. Bake sales and other fundraisers helped finance the trip, and the people who supported those efforts should not be forgotten.

Lakeland High School should be proud of the ‘Storm.’ Schools around the area have had more than their share of negative publicity in recent years.

This group of students and leaders, however, has proved through its hard work and dedication that there still are good stories to be told and good role models to be found, right here in Suffolk.

Good job, Quiet Storm.