Curbside recycling returns to Suffolk

Published 8:57 pm Saturday, June 5, 2010

It’s finally official — curbside recycling is returning to Suffolk.

After six months of collecting names, officials with TFC Recycling now feel they have enough people who say they are willing to pay $12 a month for curbside recycling. The service will begin in mid-July.

“We’re thrilled that we’re finally ready to tell everyone how they can get the service and finally get curbside recycling in Suffolk,” said Joel Rubin of Rubin Communications, the public relations firm for TFC. “I know a lot of people have been very patient waiting for us to collect names of people who are willing to subscribe to the service. Now, their patience is going to be rewarded.”

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The company sent an email Friday to people who have signed up, directing them to the TFC Web site to complete a service agreement and provide billing information by June 30. Those who do not do so simply will not receive a bin.

“The goal is to collect the billing information and be able to have the 96-gallon bins out to their homes by the beginning of July and start picking up in the middle of July,” Rubin said. “We’ve always been very hopeful that once people see their neighbors with their bins, they’re going to want them themselves.”

The blue bins TFC will pass out to its paid subscribers can accept plastics labeled No. 1 or 2, glass, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, box board, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans. Items do not need to be separated by type.

Residents will be notified of by email or mail of their pickup date in July. Recyclables will be collected every other week on the same day as the regular trash day. Billing will be done on a quarterly basis.

For more information, call 543-5766 or visit