The kids are ready – you should be, too

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When a tornado-spawning storm came through Suffolk more than two years ago, Maxann Kerr Morrison at Suffolk Day School knew exactly what to do with the preschoolers in her care.

The children were lined up against an inner wall, kneeling on the floor and protected by pieces of furniture. Morrison also added an extra touch that won’t be found in most emergency plans, however.

“We used classical music for them,” Morrison said. “I turned it up loud, so they couldn’t hear the wind and the thunder.”

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Morrison and the staff at Suffolk Day School on Pinner Street conduct emergency drills regularly, and keep a detailed emergency plan on hand. They keep an eye on the weather, making sure to tune in to weather warnings if the sky looks ominous.

“Safety is up front with all of us, whether it’s here in the school or on a field trip,” Morrison said. “We talk about stop, drop and roll. We do emergency drills. We crawl out of the building. We’re prepared for it.”

Morrison also has extensive emergency plans for hurricanes. If a hurricane is predicted to hit the area, Morrison lets parents know the school will be closed.

With hurricane season beginning today, the Suffolk News-Herald has compiled information about how you can make an emergency plan to prepare for a hurricane. Make sure to look for the Hurricane Preparedness section in the June 8 edition of the newspaper.