Suffolk 60 takes ForKids under wing

Published 8:48 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2010

While money plays an integral role in any organization — especially during an economic downturn — there are something things it cannot do.

It cannot make food for a starving mother and her children.

It cannot dry the tears of a frightened child.

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It cannot share its life experiences as a mother to a mother in need.

To help fill in the gap, Suffolk 60 Care — an organization of women committed to providing quality volunteerism — has chosen ForKids as its Signature Volunteer Partner for the fiscal year, which began in June.

“Their need is very, very great and in this economy a homeless shelter’s needs aren’t going away,” said Suffolk 60 Care President Ashley Greene. “They’re increasing. They need help more than ever. What we are providing is womanpower to help bridge the gap. The funding is so huge for ForKids and been cut repeatedly in areas. We’re supplementing with some volunteerism.”

As the Signature Volunteer Partner for the past year, Suffolk 60 Care members have worked directly with ForKids’s Suffolk House clients by providing childcare and tutoring for the children and life skills classes for the adults. The life skills classes included workshops on nutrition, budgeting and dental care. Suffolk 60 members also prepared meals for the residents.

The 2010-2011 period is the second consecutive year Suffolk 60 Care voted to assist ForKids, which was one of approximately five partnership applicants.

“Our mission is to serve those in the community who are often most underserved,” Greene said. “It is a natural match between our mission and their need.”

Along with a commitment to helping ForKids help homeless families with volunteer efforts, Suffolk 60 will also provide $3,968 in grant funding to ForKids. It is one of several grants included in Suffolk 60 Care’s fiscal year.

The grant will be used to replace furniture for the bedrooms at ForKids Suffolk House.

“Our grants have gone down like just about everybody else’s, but we’re happy to be able to give what we can,” Greene said.

ForKids CEO Thaler McCormick is enthusiastic about Suffolk 60 Care continuing its support of Suffolk House for a second year.

“The women of Suffolk 60 Care are smart, dedicated volunteers, and they meaningfully demonstrate their commitment to Suffolk by helping to change the lives of the children of Suffolk House,” McCormick said.