Voters want ideas, leaders

Published 8:40 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday marked the final day to register for local political races that will be decided in November, and it appears there is plenty of interest.

In addition to regional elections, such as the one for Congress, both City Council and School Board have four positions up for grabs. Every single seat is a contested race.

A total of 17 civic-minded residents threw their names into the ring, putting themselves and their ideas for a better Suffolk up for public scrutiny.

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During the coming months, these men and women will be figuratively poked and prodded by local voters. They will be asked their positions on key issues, and their answers will be intensely graded.

We simply ask of them that they be both open and honest, that they come prepared and that they enter these races with the best interests of their constituents — and not any specific special interest group — at heart.

We also ask that these races be about ideas, and not simply about their opponent. We ask that their positions on issues are well thought out, and are not simply the opposite of the position their opponent has taken.

For these candidates, they are stepping into campaigns that come during a very important time for both the City Council and School Board.

Those running for Council must be prepared to take on a tight financial environment, while still meeting the demands and expectations of a growing city.

Those seeking positions on the School Board must face an even tougher financial situation, while at the same time trying to provide the best possible education to our city’s most valuable asset — our children.

But while we seek these tough requirements of these candidates, we sit here today and applaud them for their call to civic duty. We thank them for taking time out of their lives to enter the public light and put their ideas up for debate.

These are the men and women who will lead our city and our school system, and we wish them all the very best on the campaigns ahead.