Yard sale supports Suffolk Humane Society

Published 7:42 pm Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just exactly what do you do after you hold a benefit yard sale that goes to help the Suffolk Humane Society? Well, for organizer Fran Duman and her crew of volunteers, it’s go to lunch where you can enjoy good iced tea and plenty of air conditioning.

Not only did this group have fellowship, tea and air conditioning to enjoy, but also they had the satisfaction of knowing they had pulled off a successful yard sale that more than doubled the proceeds from last year’s event.

“It was big and it was great,” Duman said Saturday afternoon. “We were completely inundated with customers all the way up until 1 p.m.”

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This marked the second year for the Suffolk Humane Society Yard Sale, an event that sees all of the proceeds go to benefit the local humane society’s programs.

“We had so many people give us items for the sale. I’ve been collecting things for the past six months,” Duman said.

The event, which was held at the Sherwin Williams location on Pruden Boulevard, brought in over $1,700 to go to the programs.

Duman also pointed out the sale greatly benefited from a donation of items from Ashby Deshields, who gave three pick-up loads of fishing related items.

“That was so generous of her to do that,” Duman said.

In addition to recognizing the volunteers who helped, which included: Patricia Hundley, Becky Duman, Rhonda Jones, Reba Kincaid, Marilyn Peebles, Toni Taylor, and Fran’s husband Mike, she also thanked the many who turned out to buy items Saturday morning.

“We just had a great turnout,” Duman said. “And many of them gave donations in addition to buying items, because they knew it was going to the Suffolk Humane Society.”