Supporting the humane society

Published 9:33 pm Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mike Duman summed up the situation very simply. “There are 430 square miles in the city, and there are a lot of animals that need help. It’s an important program for everyone.”

That program is the Suffolk Humane Society and their mission, quite simply, to provide humane treatment to animals and help educate the public on humane treatment.

Such an event aimed at fulfilling its core mission is the upcoming annual Mutt Strut, planned for Sept. 19 at Sleepy Hole Park.

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Duman’s comments came this past weekend, when he and nearly a hundred other animal lovers joined together for “Yappy Hours.” The event, hosted by Mosaics, was a kickoff of sorts for Mutt Strut and set an entertaining theme for this year’s event.

While the annual event is designed to give attendees a good time, important work such as pet screenings, microchipping, sharing of important pet information and fellowship among area pet lovers will also be accomplished.

The Suffolk Humane Society, a volunteer-driven, donation-fueled organization, serves Virginia’s largest municipal landmass and does so even though most of their work doesn’t make the front page of the news each day.

This organization comes to the aid of animals, and their owners, far too many times each year to count. The adoption drives they host to find good homes for precious animals and the education they provide on responsible pet ownership creates a better environment for animals they hope they never see.

This education and these adoption services are even more critical in a sluggish economy when struggling families are finding it harder and harder to pay all the bills and still find a way to provide food and regular medical treatment to their pets. In a growing number of cases, those pets find their way to the shelter.

The dogs and their owners that will enjoy a nice walk in mid-September will be doing so for a good time outdoors, but the money they raise and the information they share will provide benefits well into the future.

The Suffolk News-Herald is a proud supporter of the Suffolk Humane Society, their mission and this event in particular. It is a partnership we are very proud of, even though some of our hard work does become the lining of a cage or the favorite chew toy of a new puppy.