Get stocked and be ready

Published 8:46 pm Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As you keep your attention focused on weather websites, television news and radio updates, think about a list of supplies you might need.

Such a list might include the following:

• Water, at least three gallons per person for drinking and sanitation for three days

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• Food that does not need electricity for storage or for preparation

• Manual can opener for food (if kit contains canned food)

• Battery-powered or hand-cranked radio and weather-alerting radio and extra batteries for both

• Flashlight and extra batteries

• First aid kit

• Medications

This brief list — by no means exhaustive — is just one of the crucial bits of information area residents can find at, a site no doubt getting a lot of visits these days as Hurricane Earl churns its way up the East Coast.

There’s no doubt local grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail outlets will be increasingly busy as the track of the storm becomes clearer.

For longtime residents of Suffolk, the hardship following Hurricane Isabel in 2003 should prove to be valuable experience as this hurricane continues on its unpredictable track.

Many residents remember days without power, cable, water and other basic amenities. Many of you remember longing for a warm shower, ice in your glass and air conditioning.

While a well-kept and well-stocked hurricane kit cannot provide air conditioning or warm water, it can make life easier for you, your family and even your pets.

Log on today and download the checklist provided. Whether or not Earl negatively impacts our life in the coming days, hurricane season lasts until November. And other storms already have begun to form.