Land transfers for Sept. 17-23

Published 10:50 pm Saturday, September 25, 2010

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

September 17-23

Owen B. Pickett to Suffolk and New Kent Land Co. LLC; 1444 Hosier Road

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Ann B. Ruble to Sharon M. Barnard; 912 Pennsylvania Ave.; $217,700

Matthew J. Labert, by AIF to United States of America; 2034 Queens Point Drive

United States of America to Cecil Curtis Rotan; 2034 Queens Point Drive; $284,600

Michael L. Nelson to United States of America; 3020 Livery St.; $242,792.74

Chad M. Marshall to Chad M. Marshall; 3345 Nansemond River Parkway

United States of America to Aisha Tamika Silmon; 3020 Livery St.; $219,000

Deborah Madewell to Amy M. Stuck; 107 Queen Annes Court; $251,800

Milton D. Benton to James S. Frohman; 1772 Kings Fork Road; $62,600

Stanley A. Jackson to Stanley A. Jackson; 2232 Pitchkettle Road

Jil L. Johnson to Federal National Mortgage Association; 6819 Castlewood Drive; $307,400

James P. Anglin to Joe T. St. George Jr.; 154 Rochdale Lane; $264,400

U.S. Bank National Association to Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund I LLC; 404 Spruce St.; $22,700

Jeremy D. Swope to Leslie A. Keene; 228 Abingdon Circle; $175,300

Beco Construction Inc. to Kenneth M. Jackman Jr.; 6078 Mainsail Lane

Phyllis B. Everette to Phyllis B. Everette; 6221 Glenrose Drive

Robertson Living Trust to Ronald Robertson; 5621 River Bluff Drive

Maurice D. Hill to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 1236 Woods Edge Circle; $231,300

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Jennifer Olson; 1042 Boundary Drive; $263,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the United States of America to Angelique N. Gumbs; 807 Walnut Park Drive; $183,000

Neil D. Lowe Jr. to Secretary of Housing and Urban of Washington D.C.; 5632 Nathaniel St.; $170,650

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Matthew Sharp; 6061 Meadowlot Lane; $408,600

Christopher W. Bryant to Christopher W. Bryant; 142 Robin Lane

Franklin L. Stanfied to Grant W. Engbarth; 2852 Nansemond Parkway

Branch Banking & Trust Company to Robert M. Elder; 4495 Chatham Road; $368,700

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Rosalyn L. Ransom; 2017 Augusta Court; $233,100

Fannie Mae to Lisa Jennings; 502 Catapult Court; $137,600

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Colin Courtney; 2402 Pine Tree Way; $245,700

Robert F. Thomas to Vern C. Bergeson; 204 Chenango Crescent; $255,000

River Highlands LLC to City of Chesapeake; 1000 Hillpoint Blvd.

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Walter Bronson Jr.; 3222 Duke of Gloucester Drive; $251,500

City of Suffolk to ACS Fairgrounds LLC; 188 Cedar St.

Fairways Crossing LLC to Heather N. Hauck; 1069 Snead Drive; $303,633

Fannie Mae to Jody B. Greenwood; 3038 Kempton Park Road; $343,400

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Joshua J. Landon; 2082 Nansemond Parkway; $257,500

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 6605 James Point Court; $261,800

Clarence H. Brooks to S&H Partnership; lot on Highway 10; $6,000

Clarence H. Brooks to Kelley Bass; Lot on Norfolk St.; $3,000

Valda L. Jacques to John E. Pearl; 5120 Keswick Court; $350,000

Myrtle I. Walters Jr. to Adrian Robertson; 1410 Holland Road; $175,000

Bryan P. Kirk to Bryan P. Kirk; 2820 White Marsh Road

Oswald W. Hoffler Jr. to Boyce Widener Ltd.; $208,950

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Herve C. Mahon; 1523 Lake Speight Drive; $127,300

Randall D. Muncher to Steven J. Innis; 6806 Ivanhoe Court; $282,500

Douglas S. Davis to Deborah B. Wagner; 1847 Cypress Chapel Road; $58,000

David M. Valenta Jr. to David M. Valenta Jr.; 2608 Whaleyville Blvd.

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Melvin W. Hite; 8360 Lee Hall Ave.; $223,960

Largo Construction Inc. to Tayanne Holdings LLC; Lot on Sleepy Hole; $59,900

John R. Rawls Jr. to Hobbs-Adams Investment Group Inc.; 201.5 acres on Corinth Chapel Road; $387,200

Margaret L. Skeeter to Margaret L. Skeeter trust; 2228 Skeetertown Road

Joseph W. Myers to Danika Compton; 3305 Ferry Road