Fighting cancer, one recipe at a time

Published 12:30 am Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reuther Haden tosses a tennis ball at a fundraiser held for him last year. Members of a local club now are selling cookbooks to help his family.

Reuther Haden spent much of his third year of life playing with dinosaurs on a hospital bed instead of in a sandbox.

Reuther, 4, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last September. The community held fundraisers to help the family put a dent in the treatment bills. The Mom’s Club recently pitched in with their skills — networking and cooking.

“The whole community came out to support him when he was diagnosed last year, and we just want to make sure people know the family still needs help and Reuther still has cancer,” said Meredith Beesing, organizer and Mom’s Club member. “He’s doing better, but he still has two years of maintenance ahead of him.”

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The club has put together a cookbook with more than 500 recipes to benefit the family. They’re being sold for $15 each.

“What the family has been through would be a nightmare for any parent,” Beesing said. “Their plight touches close to home. It could have been any of us moms. So, to see what they’ve gone through going to the clinics, through chemotherapy, [Kim Haden] having to return to work and having a new baby in the house — they have so much they’re going through even a year later, that we still want to do what we can to help.”

The cookbook contains 500 recipes that the moms in the Suffolk area Mom’s Club collected.

“They’re our favorite recipes and those of our loved ones,” Beesing said. “We have ‘secret family recipes’ that people wrote down to share with others to benefit Reuther. All of these recipes have been tried and found true. You don’t get much better than this.”

There are recipes for every occasion and dish, including children’s recipes.

“A special section of our cookbook is for ‘kids in the kitchen,’” Beesing said. “They’re not only recipes your child will want to eat, but they can also help you make them in the kitchen.”

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