Copeland will bring needed change to council

Published 8:49 pm Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To the editor:

On Nov. 2, the voters of Suffolk will decide what course our city will take. Will we continue the embarrassment of the last four years or chart a new course?

Please remember just a few of the “highlights” of the last four years:

  • The ham-handed attempt to build the Health and Human Services Building “halfway to Windsor,” instead of near the people who most depend upon it.
  • The charade of a bid process for the Obici House, the home of Suffolk’s greatest benefactor. When the only successful bidder appeared to be a group of preservationists, the rules changed. To date, there has been no explanation offered.
  • The massive warehouse development on Holland Road, which will bring traffic to a crawl for generations to come. If the project is so good, why did Portsmouth and Chesapeake pass?

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In the Suffolk Borough, we support Alvin Copeland, a man of integrity who believes in transparent government. He wants government to serve the people, not the interests of a few council members and their cronies.

Tom Woodward

Bobby Ralph

Mr. Woodward and Mr. Ralph are both former City Council members from the Suffolk Borough.