Incumbents, Duman deserve your vote

Published 9:15 pm Thursday, October 28, 2010

To the editor:

The November election is very important to the future of Suffolk, and that is why I want to ask the citizens of Holy Neck to re-elect Jeff Gardy.

Never before has Holy Neck returned an incumbent, and I believe that is why we have taken so long to move forward in our area. Continuity in leadership will help our borough. As a former councilman, I know that it takes time to learn how to be effective and to learn to work as a team for the benefit of our city.

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Under Jeff Gardy, we have seen progress in our borough — the lights at the ballfield in Holland, the possibility of a new school and plans for the improvement of Route 58. Also, the tax rate has remained low, public safety has improved, and our government has become more efficient, effective and transparent.

I remember well when the city government was run by the elite few, money was wasted, and citizens were disregarded. We have come too far to turn back.

The current council members have shown that they can work together for the citizens of Suffolk, and their record of doing more with less is proven. Incumbents Charles Parr of the Suffolk Borough and Charles Brown of the Cypress Borough also deserve to be re-elected.

I applaud Councilman Joe Barlow for his many years of service. The Chuckatuck Borough seat should be filled by Mike Duman, a proven business leader and humanitarian. His endless help after the tornado demonstrated his true compassion for people.

He has been a valuable member of the Suffolk Economic Development Authority. Mike Duman is charitable to so many groups and individuals of our city, but he never takes credit. He is the cheerful, quiet giver never seeking to shine the light on himself. He is available to the rich and poor, the young and the old. He is a hardworking man of honor who will be a great asset on council.

Please go to the polls Nov. 2 and vote for Jeff Gardy, Mike Duman, Charles Parr and Charles Brown. Let’s keep Suffolk moving in the right direction.

Rufus Powell

Former vice-mayor and councilman of Suffolk