‘Sour grapes’ in Parr’s opposition

Published 10:38 pm Friday, October 29, 2010

To the editor:

I take issue with the letter to the editor by Mr. Woodward and Mr. Ralph titled “Copeland will bring needed change to borough,” published Oct. 26.

Their memories of the highlights of the past four years are clouded by “sour grapes.” You would think the former councilmen would have a better grasp on the facts.

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The true highlights of the past four years under Councilman Parr’s leadership are a new police station downtown, increased public safety, a badly needed recreation center downtown, a new fire station and emergency operations center to serve us all, continued funding of the Cultural Arts Center, increased financial accountability and efficiencies resulting in an improved bond rating.

It was Councilman Parr who started “Taste of Suffolk” three years ago, and it is growing every year. He has supported the downtown businesses and stays in contact with his constituents. He never fails to return a call. He has advocated for neighborhood improvements.

The Health and Human Services Building was put in the heart of downtown after public hearings and input. It is a source of pride for all downtown. It was Councilman Parr who pushed for its current location. In fact, the reason this building was debated for so many years was because some leaders of the past didn’t want poor people coming downtown. How soon they forget!

Centerpoint is a huge piece of this city’s future ability to create jobs. It is not true that Chesapeake and Portsmouth passed this up. Suffolk was chosen for its location. Who in their right minds in this economy would not want development that creates jobs and economic investment?

Yes, Route 58 will need to be dealt with, and it will be. In fact, Councilman Parr already has put forth a possible method of paying for these improvements, and it was Parr who pushed during the rezoning for the developer to put up $3 million to start the funding pot for the road improvements.

The Obici House does not belong to a small group of “preservationists.” No rules were changed — an RFP was put out, and the group Ralph and Woodward talk about had no money. The Obici House will be used by thousands of people in years to come. It was saved on the same location, and that’s what counts.

It is Tom Woodward and Bobby Ralph who are only concerned about a “few of their cronies.”

Let’s not go back to the “good ol’ boy network” or their designee, Alvin Copeland. Mr. Copeland has stated that he has “folks in the neighborhoods” who will tell him what they want, and that is how he will lead.

Tom Woodward, Bobby Ralph and company are not running for election. They had their chance, and they lost. Now they are trying to govern by their alter-ego, Alvin Copeland?

Vote for Charles Parr, the man whose heart is in the heart of downtown Suffolk. He will continue to move us forward. If you want the man who works for and cares about everybody, vote for Charles Parr on Nov. 2.

Jennifer Seebo