Grand jury indicts 49

Published 6:35 pm Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Suffolk grand jury handed down 88 indictments against 49 defendants Wednesday, including two for a woman accused of leaving her child in the car in July while she sat outside a nearby restaurant.

Police say Elizabeth Mary Dixon, 22, left her child in the vehicle with cracked windows and the air conditioner running on July 31. The woman was at a shopping center in the 5800 block of Harbour View Boulevard.

Police were called to the scene when a passerby noticed the unattended child.

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The full list of indictments is below:

Brandon Allen — failure to appear

Reno Lambert Belgrave — forge public records (2 counts)

Kenyatta Lamont Benton — possession of sawed-off shotgun

Michael Alexander Boone — habitual offender, subsequent offense

Judson C. Bost — leave scene of accident

Robert Ernest Daniels Jr. — habitual offender, subsequent offense

Anthony Philip DiMarco — forcible sodomy

Elizabeth Mary Dixon — child abuse/neglect; contributing to delinquency of a minor

Cheryl Butts Dubois — obtain prescription drugs by fraud (2 counts)

William Dunn II — obtain money by false pretenses; petit larceny

Christopher Andrew Edwards — grand larceny; larceny with intent to sell

Jennifer Lin Etheridge — grand larceny

James Alexander Evans — attempted grand larceny

Courtney Pender Frontin — embezzlement more than $200; uttering (2 counts); forgery (2 counts)

Leroy Junior Futrell — statutory burglary; larceny with intent to sell; grand larceny

Leroy Junious Golden — assault and battery, third offense

Keyon Lamont Harden — statutory burglary; grand larceny

Benjamin Obdiah Harris — grand larceny

Rashad Lemans Hill — participate in criminal street gang

Sherman Charles Hix — grand larceny

Latisha Renee Holloman — hit and run damage more than $1,000; attempted malicious wounding (2 counts); child abuse and neglect

Darius Laquan Horton — grand larceny

Kevin Todd Horton — grand larceny; possession of heroin

Vontay Jerrell Jennings — participate in criminal act/gang

Equan Laquinton Johnson — grand larceny

Elginard Eddie Jones — destruction of property

Charles Anthony Joyner — larceny with intent to sell (2 counts); obtain money by false pretenses (2 counts)

Simone Doniell Kelly — forgery; attempted grand larceny; uttering

Wilbur Lee Lane Jr. — assault and battery domestic third offense

Anthony Lato — larceny with intent to sell (3 counts)

June Renee Little — embezzlement more than $200

Kristin Diane Matthews — possession of heroin, possession of marijuana

Paris Jahqwalle Mills — assault and battery of law enforcement officer

Alexander Norman Moravec — larceny with intent to sell; grand larceny

Marvin Dale Parrish — unlawful shoot/throw at train/car, malicious shooting into occupied vehicle

Darren Eugene Pierce — possession of cocaine; grand larceny

Shavita Latoya Pierce — malicious shooting into occupied vehicle

Edna Bregaste Quinsay — embezzlement more than $200

Pamela R. Simmons — statutory burglary

Richard Joseph Smith III — forging coin and bank notes

Tyrell Malik Smith — abduction with intent to defile (2 counts); sexual battery; assault and battery

Christopher Adam Stannard — possession of controlled substance

Jeremy Adam Stewart — driving while intoxicated, third offense within five years

Chelisa Lynnette Turner — statutory burglary, abduction by force, threat or intimidation

Lawrence W. Upton Jr. — possession of cocaine

Lois Wallace — grand larceny, larceny with intent to defile

Tracy Donnell Whitaker — unlawful wounding

Deana Marcell Whitfield — forge public records (2 counts); utter public records (2 counts)

Quamane Dontray Wood — grand larceny; conspiracy to commit grand larceny; statutory burglary; possession of burglary tools