Hoping to bring Suffolk home for Thanksgiving

Published 8:09 pm Thursday, November 4, 2010

It’s that time of year when I am my jolliest, good people of Suffolk. Why? Well, I’ve survived another Halloween without eating my body weight in those little candy pumpkins that I usually refer to as “candy corn on steroids.” In fact, I didn’t have any. All I have to do is avoid those dreaded clearance racks stocked full of those little treasures and the prize I truly seek this month will be all the more deserved.

And, of course, that awesome prize of which I speak is none other than Thanksgiving dinner. That’s right, Suffolk, we are securely in the month of November and it’s time for foodies like myself to start planning the feast of the year.

Now, as a foodie, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I’ve never actually cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner, at least not for Thanksgiving anyway. I’ve made turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and a side of cranberries. But it was more like in celebration of finding a good turkey on sale or in celebration of finally getting that annoying pebble out of my shoe than for the actual Thanksgiving holiday.

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Moreover, since I rarely have time to cook anymore, my talents in the kitchen have been reduced to nothing more than talking a good game. So, my family and friends are starting to doubt my true credentials as a self-proclaimed master chef.

But this year is my chance to make believers out of all of them. Because this will be the year I’m making the entire meal by myself. No one will have to bring anything to my Thanksgiving table this year. It will be a masterpiece from appetizer to dessert.

But, this is not something I would like to do without the input of the good people of Suffolk. So I’d like to hear from all of you fellow foodies out there. Do you have a dish you serve at Thanksgiving that you feel is truly unique to your family’s holiday table? If so, I’d like to try it. Email me some Thanksgiving recipes and tell me a little something about your treasured dish. We might just feature your recipe on the Food and Beverage page.

I’d love to bring all of Suffolk to my holiday table this year. But, since you all probably won’t fit, I’ll settle for a dish from your best recipe instead.

Thanks in advance to all of you who want to share your family’s best with me. I can’t wait to enjoy every bite.

TROY COOPER is a page designer for the Suffolk News-Herald. He can be reached at troy.cooper@suffolknewsherald.com.