Uniquely and wonderfully made

Published 9:34 pm Monday, November 8, 2010

While looking at a picture of an old man in a wheelchair, Collin, my 5-year-old grandson, whimsically said to his mother, “Oh, how I wish I could be old!”

“Why in the world would you want to he old?” his mother asked.

“Because I am tired of brushing my teeth. If I was old, I would take them out, clean ‘em and put ‘em back in.”

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I believe this funny story speaks volumes about human nature. We are never satisfied with ourselves.

The young can’t wait to get older, and the old want to relive their youth. If you don’t like yourself, just order up a nose job or hair transplant or be like the Hollywood crowd and get a facelift and look like Phyllis Diller.

I am not against self-improvement. We should dress nicely, and it doesn’t hurt to paint the barn door, but we also need to realize that every one of us is unique. We are told that every man and woman ever born since the beginning of time has had a different fingerprint and different DNA.

Each of us is one of a kind, and anything rare is very valuable.

God does not make mistakes. Who are you to argue with the Creator about you, his wonderful creation?

“I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” — Psalm 139:14

David Carter is the owner of Brandon House Furniture store on W. Washington Street. He can be reached at BrandonHouseFurniture@verizon.net.