Police called to ‘weapon’ scare

Published 11:02 pm Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A sixth-grade boy who was playing with part of a pencil sharpener was reported for possessing a weapon on school property at John Yeates Middle School Monday.

The boy was using the blade to cut paper, and students who saw it reported it to the teacher, said Bethanne Bradshaw, spokeswoman for Suffolk Public Schools.

The school’s resource officer came to the classroom and investigated the “weapon.” He found it was a tiny metal part of a small, handheld pencil sharpener.

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According to Bradshaw, the boy had found the blade in the “junk drawer” at his house.

No threats were made to any student, and the student did not try to harm himself, Bradshaw said.

According to Bradshaw, no charges are required to be filed if the blade is less than three inches. The child’s parents were contacted and advised of the investigation, and no further disciplinary action was taken.

Bradshaw would not disclose if the student had any prior disciplinary issues.