Undefeated Warriors begin playoffs

Published 8:05 pm Friday, November 12, 2010

Bennett’s Creek Pop Warner’s junior pee wee team went 9-0 in the regular season and won the Southeastern Virginia Pop Warner Div. 3 championship. The Warriors outscored opponents 276-19 in the nine victories. BC plays in the first round of the regional playoffs at Wilson High School Saturday at 9 a.m.

Bennett’s Creek’s junior pee wee football team went undefeated and then some through its regular season.

The Warriors went 9-0 to win the Southeastern Virginia Pop Warner Div. 3 championship. What’s more is the Warriors outscoring their nine opponents by a total of 276-19. Two 12-0 wins have been the closest contests the Warriors have faced.

The competition will pick up and the scores will likely get tighter as Bennett’s Creek starts in the Mid-South Region playoffs Saturday at 9 a.m. at Wilson High School against the Central Virginia Broncos.

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Head coach Pete Teumer wasn’t sure what to expect leading into this season, and he surely didn’t expect a dominating 9-0 record. This Warrior team formed out of four teams at younger age groups last season.

“They all had sort of bad seasons,” Teumer said. “But they’ve come out here and worked hard. The kids have really been progressing all season, every practice.”

There are plenty of impressive stats, such as no opponent scoring more than seven points against the Warriors. One that makes any coach look good, and will serve the Warriors extremely well as long as it continues, is having no offensive turnovers for the season. That’s no fumbles, no interceptions, no fumbled kick or punt returns for the Warriors this year.

“We’re really fortunate to have disciplined kids. They do things right the first time you tell them to and, during games, we’re able to make a few adjustments on the fly. It’s really quite impressive,” Teumer said.

At the junior pee wee age, ages 9-11, it’s more about getting what your team does right rather than any type of scouting report or gameplan, says Teumer.

“It’s about the repetition of plays in practice,” Teumer said.

Winning most games in lopsided fashion means the Warriors have kept most of their offense on the ground. As long as it works, don’t change it, but if the Warriors find themselves needing to throw the ball more in the playoffs, Teumer is confident his players’ discipline will carry over.

The Warriors met then-undefeated Cavalier Manor in week seven of the season. The Warriors prevailed 19-7, effectively clinching the divisional title. Beating the Virginia Beach Mustangs was another key point in the season.

“In Suffolk, a city with 80,000 people, we have four different Pop Warner organizations,” Teumer said, “In Virginia Beach, the whole city has one association, so Virginia Beach is usually a power in our conference.”

The Warriors have to advance through three rounds to be regional champions. A win Saturday sends the Warriors to Raleigh, N.C. on Saturday, Nov. 20.