Tiny cakes, big flavor

Published 11:51 pm Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great things often come in small packages.

Nowhere is this adage better exemplified than at the newest addition to Suffolk’s food scene.

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Clarence and Tanya West, the husband-wife team who opened Divine Creations in October, serve up cupcakes in all different flavors — from classics like vanilla and red velvet, to more unique creations, such as Heavenly Decadence, with cream cheese and chocolate, and Karen’s Cupcake for the Cure, a trio of strawberry flavors in one creation.

“Cupcakes are simple and fun, and we’ve found that people feel less guilty eating them,” Tanya said.

“They offer an opportunity to be creative with various flavor combinations,” Clarence added.

While both members of the business and marital partnership contribute equally, Clarence says he tends to conceive most of the flavor combinations, while Tanya figures out the recipes.

“I come up with flavors on the fly by thinking about things that haven’t been tried before. We enjoy expressing ourselves in a creative package,” Clarence said.

For example, while baking one day, he decided on a whim to add a Reese’s cup to each cupcake before baking and then sprinkled Reese’s Pieces on top of the cream cheese frosting – and the “R&R” was born.

But it wasn’t just a whim that birthed the business.

After years working in the shipyard, Tanya began to pray for what she could be passionate about.

“It’s the name God gave me,” Tanya said.

“’Divine creations’ comes from the idea that our cupcakes and our lives have been inspired by God. We thought it would be good to let everyone know that,” Clarence added.

The Wests also offer lattes and coffee to accompany their cupcakes, and they take orders for bulk cupcakes and decorated cakes.

The cupcakery is located in the Centerbrooke Village shopping center off of Godwin Boulevard.