Suffolk parade shouldn’t snub Christmas

Published 11:32 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

To the editor:

For the first time since becoming a Suffolk resident in 2003, I will not be attending or participating in the annual parade that is now called the Holiday Parade. Unless I’m mistaken, or just didn’t realize it, in years past this year’s parade was known as a Christmas Parade, not Holiday Parade.

I thought that maybe Suffolk would always remain that beacon on the hill for the Tidewater area, but it has fallen in line with both the state and federal governments, in that we have to be politically correct and can’t call a public event a Christmas Parade.

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The foundation of our nation’s heritage was right here in Virginia, and that heritage was and is very much a Christian one. Although waning in recent years, the majority population in the Hampton Roads area still remains a professing Christian population.

Because our leaders at the local, state, and national levels bow down to the minority instead of allowing the majority to triumph, liberty is lost.

If folks don’t believe we were founded as a Christian nation, maybe they should re-visit the documents that govern us and dig into the backgrounds of our founding fathers. Examine speeches, books, notes and biographies of them, and you’ll see they as a whole — and not just a select few — had deep Christian convictions.

Greg Cowles