Warriors take major road trips

Published 7:48 pm Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You’ve got to give Nansemond River’s basketball teams credit. The Warriors can’t forecast the weather any better or worse than everyone who’s been trying the last couple weeks, but at least they know when it’s a good idea to head out of town.

Just before last week’s snow, which for us was a pretty big storm, the Lady Warriors traveled to Myrtle Beach on a six-day trip.

Nansemond River’s boys team is leaving our current mess for a two-game tourney in West Virginia. Yeah, the Warriors were so smart, they knew this would be the one time this century to leave Suffolk and go to West Virginia for better winter weather.

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There will be a couple current Warriors and Lady Warriors who go on to play collegiately and therefore go on longer trips and into tournaments on bigger stages than these.

Even from very good high school teams — and both Warrior teams qualify in that category — most players won’t go on to higher levels. This is the team that will matter, and these are the lessons they’ll carry with them of what it means to be on a team.

Trips once a season also are rewards for lots of hard work put into the program by the players.

The Lady Warriors raise much of the money for their break-time tournament travels, in the last few seasons usually to South Carolina or Orlando.

Coach Calvin Mason Sr. demands a lot, with practices all offseason long, along with lots of early mornings in NR’s gym throughout the summer and even many Saturday mornings, whether its July or January.

Most Group AAA programs play practically year-round with spring, summer and fall leagues. Ed Young’s Warriors don’t skimp one bit with their calendar and his expectations. Feel free to count AAU teams, practices and games.

Knowing a trip every season or every other season is available if you continue working hard and putting in so much time gives players a bit more motivation.

Long trips for high school sports teams are a tough sell, especially in these economic times. It’s understandable where they might fall on a list of priorities.

The chance to be a true team on the road for a few days, with experiences on the court and off, is a valuable and lasting one for the kids.