Where is city’s support?

Published 10:27 pm Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To the editor:

I need to say that until July 1, 2010, when I retired from Suffolk Public Schools, I was concerned about the violence the students were experiencing at schools and in the community.

I can now say that due to the efforts of the School Board and Suffolk Public Schools Administration, and the Community Action Coalition and its many members, I am proud to see an organized effort being implemented to take action against violence in the schools and community.

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I am proud to see that student leaders are stepping forward and that building principals and assistant principals are now getting on board to work together.

The question I would ask is why have Suffolk’s Office on Youth and other city departments not taken the steps necessary to get on board? Why was the Coalition told to apply for discretionary funds long after city support was requested? And, where is the Suffolk Education Foundation in this campaign, when its mission is to support Suffolk Public Schools?

I speak only for myself with these words, but others should be asking the same questions.

I wish the Community Action Coalition and Suffolk Public Schools (with the support of the Suffolk News-Herald) well as they spread the message — “BFF – Be Fight Free.”

David Mitnick