Make a choice to spread love, not hatred

Published 8:39 pm Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saturday, Jan. 7, 2011, was an extremely sad day for our nation, when 20 people were wounded or killed in Tucson, Ariz., by someone who planned and plotted to destroy a certain individual. Those who are close to the person who committed this hideous crime, need to think back on any remarks they have made, any accusations they have made, any false information they have given or any acts of hatred they exhibited or condoned that could have been a contributing factor to this person making a choice to kill.

It is disappointing that so little has been said or done to stop remarks of hatred that are still being made on the news media, emails, in newsletters, newspaper articles and other media to spread hatred instead of love.

Our newspapers should be filled with letters written by ministers, teachers, politicians, lay-people or any one who wants truth and love shown through people to one another. As long as we sit quietly by and do nothing to show our disapproval of hateful statements, cartoons or actions, it will appear we don’t care and we are in accord with acts of hatred and discord, instead of love, peace and harmony.

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Of all the people in this country who are in leadership positions, it is seriously tragic if our highest governmental bodies that we expect to be truthful, honest, and full of wisdom in leading this nation are the sources of words and actions of hatred.

Republicans have already said the tragedy on Saturday will not deter them from trying to destroy the health reform bill. Maybe those who are so determined to undo any legislative bills that have been passed recently on health reform will have to experience a few years of living in poverty themselves before they can ever understand their selfish extent of greed.

Hatred and malice does not bring success and unity in Congress, or any other area of our lives. Please, readers, do a small good deed: To all who have love and a Christlike spirit in their hearts, express yourselves through letters, emails or other means and let the world know there are still people who are honest and truthful and who sincerely believe in doing what is right, and you are one of them.

Ruby H. Walden