A warm ‘thank you’

Published 7:34 pm Monday, January 17, 2011

In the depths of winter, having a coat for protection from the elements is one of the basic necessities for humans — and likely one that many take for granted.

Just like with food and shelter, those who can afford them may never think twice about the fact that some people don’t have a coat.

However, the lack of a coat can have a big impact on some people’s lives. Children without a coat may not be able to play outside with their friends. They might get teased at school because they don’t have a coat.

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Adults who can’t afford a coat might be forced to miss work — a circumstance they can ill afford — because the lack of a coat could leave them more susceptible to wintertime illnesses.

However, a local church, a charity and a business recently teamed up to give away more than 300 coats to adults and children alike.

Suffolk Christian Church gave away the free coats on Saturday, while the Salvation Army helped spread the word to people who need the assistance. Quality Cleaners cleaned used coats that were donated from area churches and schools.

In addition, church fundraisers and donations from members and people in the community helped purchase additional coats.

“We don’t want anybody to be cold,” said Beverly McGahee, a church member and volunteer.

We give kudos to the church for recognizing this need in the community and doing something about it, and also to Quality Cleaners for using its resources to help clean the donated coats. It is this kind of ongoing partnership that truly makes a difference in our community.