Land transfers for Dec. 17 to Dec. 30

Published 2:48 pm Friday, January 21, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

December 17 to December 30

Glasser and Glasser PLC to American General Financial Services Inc.; 9215 Dixon Road; $212,500

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Wells Fargo Bank to SI Property LLC; 204 Pond Drive; $163,600

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Sean D. Dover; 7250 Arrington Street

Samuel I. White to D&B Properties Inc.; 102 Burnetts Way; $173, 637.27

Deutshce Bank National Trust Company to Joseph J. Ingham; 2771 Burned Tree Lane; $367,200

Ealia Irene Rowe to Port Center LLC; 5620 River Bluff Drive; $228,700

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to John Johnston; 3024 Silver Charm Circle; $220,000

Titan Investment Group Inc. to Seth Sheesley; 529 Ashley Ave.; $187,900

Alliance Bank to Vinbilken LLC; 427 Jackson St.; $91,700

Michael Z. Britt to Samuel Gable; 427 Jackson St.; $317,700

Napolitano VIII LLC to Susan L. Zheng; 216 Purple Martin Lane; $393,585

Dynamic Homes Coporation to Jerry Ryan Smith; 2281 Manning Road; $181,400

Douglas A. Ward to Stephanie A. Langkil; 321 Westwood Drive; $220,000

Jackson Real Estate LLC to Gregory S. Meeker; 1210 Willowbrook Drive; $189,900

Equity Trustees LLC to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association; 113 S. Capital St.; $39,500

Andrew Grifftih to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.; 205 Kinnards Court; $247,998.79

Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank; 1615 Freeman Mill Road; $219,400

Legacy HG LLC to Gary L. Baker II; 2102 Silver Charm Circle; $259,900

Daniel Exantus to Federal National Mortgage Association; 222 N. Capital St.; $147,148.74

Won K. Lee to Primacy Relocation LLC; 3005 Billings Drive; $220,700

Primacy Relocation LLC to Donald M. Dermond Jr.; 3005 Billings Drive; $220,700

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Telly Savalis Kirby; 6737-A Hampton Roads Parkway; $199,500

Niketa Bazemore to Sarah E. Pancoast; 210 Greenfield Crescent; $169,500

Clarence H. Brooks to LWS Lawn Service LLC; 9033 New Road; $13,000

Clarence H. Brooks to Leotis Williams; 231 N. 5ht St.; $4,000

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 901 Craig Drive; $361,400

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Michael W. Smith; 415 Calvin St.; $299,800

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Roger L. Crim; 365 Turlington Road; $246,300

Dwain G. Harrison to Lance E. Butterfuss; 6803 Castlewood Circle; $268,100

Samuel I. White to Deutsche Bank Trust Company as trustee; 327 Fulcher St.; $151,900

Arthur Carson Forrester Jr. to Michael G. Ross; 2164 Buckhorn Drive; $332,400

R.W. Askew Nurseries Inc. to Donald S. Williamson; 200 Cherry Grove Road; $120,000

Nectar Projects Inc. to HSBC Bank USA; 407 Elizabeth St.; $111,700

Legacy HG LLC to Carrie C. Woodard; 2100 Silver Charm Circle; $250,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Shalom L. Garrett; 2094 Piedmont Road; $367,125

Samuel I. White to Federal National Mortgage Association; 413 Nansemond Ave.; $172,803

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Branch Banking and Trust; 101 Riverside Drive; $656,100

U.S. Bank National Association to HLC III & IV LLC; 215 S. Main St.; $120,400

Whitney G. Saunders to Nansemond Properties LLC; 3865 Nansemond Parkway; $49,000

Morequity Inc. to Alfred T. Majors; 1600 W. Falcon St.; $428,900

HSBC Bank USA National Association to Cynthia Russell; 4980 Holy Neck Road; $191,200

Walters Properties Inc. to KH HR Two Lakeview LLC; 707 Gittings St.; $408,047

HSBC Mortgage Services to Melisa A. Veith; 1301 Barn Owl Court; $203,100

Fannie Mae to Angela M. Wannamaker; 500 Catapult Court; $172,100

U.S. Bank National Association to Steve Warren; 6112 Brookwood Drive; $89,100

Davis Farms Inc. to Davis Family Farms LLC; 207.39 acres on Arthur Drive; $695,700

Daniel L. Adams to Andrew A. Lawrence; 5073 Bennetts Pasture Road; $428,400

Lowridge LLC to Keith Allen Wilburn; 410 Military Road; $165,500

Shirley P. Rountree to Susie P. Lowry; 1457 Carolina Road; $105,300

Nicole Brown Hardy to Deborah R. Higgins; 5304 S. Kemper Lakes; $405,300

Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington, D.C. to Tawyna Sligh-Austin; 1316 Baltic St.; $211,200

Terry/Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Anthony A. Rexach; 7248 Arrington St.; $249,500

Clinton Duncan to Randy A. Malone; 108 Dunbar Drive; $221,600

Scott J. Stone to Kyle R. McCarty; 116 Lancelot Drive; $214,500

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC; 604 Roundtable Court; $230,200

Gallagher Construction Corp. to Warren M. Greene; 507 Peafowl Court; $542,147

LSH at Harbour Breeze LLC to Moody Development Corporation; 6051 Mainsail Lane; $1,502,000

Suffolk Land and Timber Company to Nancy S. Buck; 407 Forest Hill Crescent; $245,500

Beneficial Financial I Inc to Terrell M. Ashlock; 1104 Fern Lane; $265,100

HSBC Bank USA National Association to Tayanda Jones; 6309 Coachman Drive; $319,300

John P. Motley to John F. Bednar Jr.; 2808 Country Club Drive; $195,000

Edward N. Hall to Williams Farm LLC; 902 Hare Road; $347,200