Land transfers for Jan. 3 – Jan. 20

Published 8:24 pm Saturday, January 22, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

January 3 – January 20

Fannie Mae to Christopher A. Morrison; 1296 Glen Haven Drive; $189,300

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Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Porter L. Young; 413 Collier Crescent

Fannie Mae to Erin L. Bruce; 1220 Woods Edge Circle; $197,700

Chapman Lumber Company Inc. to Joel W. Mumford Jr.; 65 acres on Longstreet Lane; $277,400

Tidewater Fair Downs LLC to Lisa A. Rascoe; 1047 Rosemont Ave.; $212,925

John E. Zallnick to Xiao Ling Zheng; 119 Nottingham Blvd.; $233,200

Matthew S. Shaw to Bryan E. Draves; 138 Nottingham Blvd.; $227,900

Equity Trustees LLC to Household Realty Corporation of Virginia; 4201 Presley Court; $272,000

Franklin Mortgage Asset Trust to Robert McClung; 6100 Kent Court; $215,800

Aisha N. Doman to Benjamin C. Anderson; 227 Livingston St.; $223,500

Donald L. Gwaltney to William E. Hartley III; 1508 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $317,000

Towne Development Corporation to Anthony S. Jackson; 2000 Smalleys Dam Circle; $279,900

Robert M. Reed to Monterey I Holdings LLC; 806 W. Washington St.; $9,200,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jeffrey L. Hamlin; 7928 Harvest Drive; $245,600

John Larry Barnett to Angela R. Bailey; 3005 Hogan Way; $217,700

Vincent Copeland to Jason E. Murphy; 9056 Eclipse Drive; $250,000

Fannie Mae to James Sutton; 6216 Burbage Acres Drive; $244,300

Steven L. Brown to Northern Star Credit Union; 1345 Manning Road; $348,300

Bank of America National Association to Jason Schramm; 251 Burnetts Way; $139,900

William E. Hartley III to Jesse M. Cusworth; 6033 Godwin Blvd.; $165,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustees to Adam R. Bogard; 155 Horseback Lane; $355,300

MSE Builders LLC to Stephen M. Pullen; 1308 Barnes Road; $337,000

Virginia Housing Development Authority to Karitta Page; 187 Suire Reach; $163,300

Thomas A. Presson Jr. to Brian K. Cobb; 1333 Wilroy Road; $169,400

Donald M. Long to Beneficial Financial I Inc. to 600 Roundtable Court; $256,626.69

Ernest H. Stokes to Patricia L. Cochran; 5413 Sports Club Run; $309,000

Mary Ellen Hill to IST Extended Service Corporation of Virginia Inc.; 8289 Crittenden Road; $104,500

Fannie Mae to Express Homebuyers Hampton Roads LLC; 6202 Oak Glen Drive; $199,500

John M. Council to Barbara J. Cummings; 812 Wilroy Road; $131,200

Vitali A. Khaikine to Jason Daniel Siebert; 6401 Yorkshire Drive; $264,100

Arthur C. Bredemeyer to Margarita A. Clark; 524 Ashley Ave.; $29,300

Citi Mortgage Inc. to Money-Line Mortgage LLC; 420 Wilson St.; $60,700

ETS of Virginia Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 2289 Pittmantown Road

Elaine K. Bush to Joel C. Michael; 132 Sleepy Point Way; $876,100

Daniele C. Allen to Commerce Bank & Trust Company; 711 Adams St.; $102,393.84

Household Realty to Robert Worth; 6711 Lake Cove Court; $262,900

East End Baptist Church to Glenn O. Brown; 513 E. Washington St.; $40,000

J.F. Schoch Building Corp. to John L. Teal; 100 Lakes Edge Drive; $265,900

Fannie Mae to Danielle M. Coston; 1009 Erin Drive; $354,400

Henry J. Briggs to Richard A. Johnson; 203 Teal Court; $177,200

Jeffrey L. Gardy to N&N Land Company LLC; 626 W. Washington St.; $125,200

Crystal M. McCallister to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 415 Calvin St.; $299,800

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 1013 Greene Chapel Road; $280,500

Yellow Bug LLC to Wells Fargo Bank; 1013 Obici Industrial Blvd.; $2,340,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Terry T. Goodall; 4033 Edinburgh Court; $331,100

Jennifer D. Jones to Dennis Obare Nyambane; 6360 Scottsfield Drive; $199,100

WBS Development LLC to Freddie Wiggins; 1207 David Lane; $116,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Reginald S. Reid; 4542 Ellington St.; $252,100

Hae K. Yun to Aaron L. Marlow; 407 Blue Heron Point; $855,000

Susan F. Moore to William T. Riley; 7033 Corinth Chapel Road; $295,000

Wittstadt Title & Escrow Company LLC to Wells Fargo Bank; 326 Bob White Parkway; $522,800

Matthew C. Johnson to Lee P. Abernathy; 6502 Holland Road; $138,000

DWM Properties LLC to Michael E. Higgins; 5236 Rockport Landing; $1,900,000

Household Realty Corporation of Virginia to Hilda Schneps; 4201 Presley Court; $121,400

Elsa Investments LLC to Richard W. Percoco; 203 Oak St.; $91,400

Samuel I. White P.C. to Wells Fargo Bank; 111 Misty Ridge Lane; $214,200

Michael J. Doran Jr. to William Perez; 2002 Gentry St. #39; $165,000

Sadler Building Corporation to Shannon S. Chain; 1028 Meadows Reach Circle; $270,880

Daniel S. Lapgrade Sr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 3005 Waterjump Crescent; $247,500

Charles W. Rintamaki to Hallum LLC; 5646 Godwin Blvd.; $72,205.50

Dana M. Coleman Robert M. Amrine; 4410 Kendal Way; $309,200

Evelyn M. Jackson to Michael A. Holman; 1163 Beaton St.; $139,500

ETS of Virginia Inc. to GMAC Mortgage LLC; 4673 Deerpath Road; $236,100

Federal National Mortgage Association to Sean F. Holmer; 4429 John St.; $193,200

MCR Properties LLC to Arthur E. Petty III; 108 Poplar Grove Crescent; $196,000

Nectar Projects Inc. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 1296 FDR Court; $113,800

Equity Trustees LLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 210 Crown Arch; $276,100

Equity Trustees LLC to Household Realty Corporation of Virginia; 5120 Prince Court; $146,016

J.P. Faulk Jr. to Swain & Temple Inc.; 10705 Ellis Road; $53,000

Charles G. Jones to John Rogers; 1511 Old Mill Creek Road; $318,500

Wirth Holdings LLC to Lorena Nicole Griffin; 5008 Benson Court; $312,800

Equity Trustees LLC to Beneficial Financial I Inc.; 213 Widgeon Court; $193,200

Keith N. Kirton to David M. Arrington Sr.; 6408 Ashmeade Court; $337,200

Justin L. Odom to Bradley S. Andrews; 6912 Respass Beach Road; $142,700

Daniel S. Duggan to Christopher J. Brown; 126 Whimbrel Drive; $562,700