Artists receive honors

Published 11:14 pm Friday, January 28, 2011

Winners: First-place winners in the Suffolk Sister Cities art show display their ribbons. From left, Anne Sarah Bellinger (Nansemond River), Tucker Hotte (NSA), Shelby Brown (NSA), Morgan Duplain (NSA), Mark Kluck (King’s Fork), and best-in-show winner Dakota Benjamin Evers (Nansemond River).

Suffolk Sister Cities artists display work in SCCA

More than two dozen students received honors in the Suffolk Sister Cities International Young Artists and Young Authors Showcase.

The students created art and literature around the theme of “Shaping Your Community for a Greener Future.”

Students were encouraged to use recyclable materials in the creation of their visual art projects as the theme focused on how to improve the environment, said Kay Goldberg, member of Suffolk Sister Cities and co-chairman of the event.

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Students’ work was divided into categories according to the medium used. The juror evaluated the works on the criteria of theme interpretation, originality and composition.

For the local competition, first-, second-, third-place and honorable mention were awarded in the categories of mixed media, drawing, painting, photography and poetry. Best in show was also awarded. Each first-place winner received a $50 prize, Goldberg said.

The best in show winner will be sent to the national competition. The top 10 pieces from the national competition will be displayed at the 2011 Youth Conference in Eugene, Ore. and will be featured in an international tour. The top piece from the national competition will be awarded $1,000 and free conference registration.

The award winning pieces will be on display in the Norfolk Foundation Gallery at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts until Feb. 25.

From the 100 pieces of art submitted, 27 pieces received awards. While the winning pieces are displayed in the gallery, the other pieces are displayed in the hallway. According to Goldberg, all of the work turned in was fantastic.

“They should be proud of their involvement,” Goldberg said. “I think it’s something the community would be interested in seeing. When you see what these students can do, it’s just amazing.”

Suffolk Sister Cities International Young Artists Award Winners:

Best in Show

Dakota Benjamin Evers (Nansemond River)

Mixed Media

First Place: Shelly Brown (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Second Place: Taylor Neuburg (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Third Place: Anne Higinbotham (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Honorable Mention:

Christyna Mencarini (Nansemond River)

Jordan Howell (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Corey McMahon (Nansemond River)


First Place: Tucker Hotte (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Second Place: Aaliyah Burton (Nansemond River)

Third Place: Ryan T. May (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Juried Honorable Mention:

Kate Joson (Nansemond River)


First Place: Anne Sarah Bellinger (Nansemond River)

Second Place: Alexis Clary (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Third Place: Ciara Viola (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Honorable Mention:

Rhyan Anderton (Nansemond River)

Shanika Wray (Nansemond River)

Marina Schaubach (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)


First Place: Morgan Duplain (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Second Place: Daniel Clark (Nansemond River)

Third Place: Christopher Hutto (Nansemond River)

Juried Honorable Mention:

Meghan Fee (Nansemond River)

Zachary Wayland (Nansemond-Suffolk Academy)

Fierra Hill (Nansemond River)


First Place: Mark Kluck: “The Day the World Spoke to Me”

Second Place: Bernard Verna: “A Greener Future”

Third Place: Daniel Sausen: “Untitled”

Honorable Mention: Kayla Vincent: “Going Green and Being Clean”

All poetry winners came from Kings Fork