Out of publication hibernation

Published 11:02 pm Thursday, February 17, 2011

It seems like I miss the first part of every year. That last little part of winter that’s filled with the coldest days and the most need to bundle up pretty much passes me by.

Wonder why?

Because here at Suffolk Publications, the January-February range of weeks are what I now refer to as publication hibernation, wherein I am pretty much locked away and in full-on design mode.

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For those of you who are new to the area, or those who have recently started to take notice of all the awesome things we publish here, this is the time of year when our staff is in overdrive to provide you, our favorite Suffolkians, some of our premium publications.

At the heart of this occasional parade of journalism is me, just a designer processing photographs, coming up with design ideas, and laying out page after page for publication after publication, not to mention dabbling in your daily newspaper when time allows.

But every year, what comes out of this publication hibernation for me are some pretty exceptional local print products.

The spring edition of Suffolk Living, which will be available in March, is sure to provide readers with some fresh insights and a slightly revamped look, from a design standpoint. Also, the annual edition of what used to be known as “Horizons” has gotten quite the interesting facelift as well. (You can expect to see it in your paper at the end of February.)

And even though right now — as I stretch my legs and check my winter fur for ticks and such — I may be too exhausted to give an accurate assessment of what Suffolkians can expect from these publications, still I feel fairly confident in saying you’ll be very impressed.