Craving a plateful of something unique

Published 7:57 pm Thursday, March 10, 2011

Every night I leave the office here in Suffolk, there’s the smell of something delicious in the air. Some nights it smells like corndogs. Some nights it smells like fresh-brewed coffee. And on rare occasions, the night seems to smell just like bacon frying. So, I guess it’s safe to say that the city of Suffolk is kissed by the gods of good meals.

Or perhaps those smells in the air are just a sign heralding the coming of one of my favorite things about Suffolk. Restaurant Week returns March 20! It is a food lover’s dream come true.

As an undisputed and uncompromising lover of food, I get more than a little excited to sit down to a meal of any sort. With me, there is no such thing as a bad meal. I am appreciative of every morsel whether a meal consists of foie gras, lobster, and sautéed asparagus or cheesy eggs, hot dogs slices and stale toast served on an old pie tin. Either way, count me in.

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Those who have had the benefit — or, some might say, the misfortune — to witness my more bizarre food cravings being satisfied have often watched in disbelief. I have made co-workers cringe as I’ve enjoyed my smoked eel in its own juices and souse soaked in vinegar and hot sauce.

I’ve watched those who dared to dine with me get up and move to another table as I bit into my teriyaki chicken’s feet. And dig into the chitterlings and collard greens, the smell alone has made friends run for the hills.

But I say let them scoff. I choose to think of my very unique taste buds as innovative, an exciting new model not to be found in very many people.

So I accept there are places that many of my contemporaries, some of whom consider themselves foodies, simply will not go with me when it comes to food.

And I expound on this particular aspect of my personality with a very specific purpose in mind. This is a calling to all of you restaurateurs out there who will be participating in Suffolk’s Restaurant Week.

I urge you to embrace the spirit of good food in the air here in Suffolk. Moreover, feel free to go off-script and offer something truly unique, and you will have a fan in me.

I make this meager request for two reasons, my dear chefs and restaurant owners. For one, my innovative taste buds are starving for a new adventure. And two, daring eaters like myself — much like misery — love company.

Springtime is the season of rebirth and there is no better way to liven up the season than with a flavorful extravaganza. So, restaurateurs, do your best work during Restaurant Week knowing there’s one diner you can never disappoint.

I await you all with knife and fork in hand and a very loose pair of sweatpants to fill.