Orlando church gets new pastor

Published 7:24 pm Friday, March 11, 2011

The Rev. Moses Ware, new pastor of Greater First Baptist Church Orlando, says he’s committed to making a difference in the Orlando community and in the city of Suffolk. Ware was the youth pastor at Metropolitan Baptist Church before taking the senior pastor job at Greater First Baptist.

Greater First Baptist Church Orlando has always been committed to making a difference in Orlando and in the city of Suffolk.

It was that way under the recently-retired Rev. Dr. Henry G. Baker. And so it will be under the Rev. Moses Ware, the church’s new pastor.

“I’m looking to do it bigger and better than ever before,” said Ware, who left his position as the youth minister at Metropolitan Baptist Church to take the senior pastor position at Greater First Baptist.

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Ware began his ministry at First Baptist Jefferson Park in Newport News, where he was a Sunday school and evangelism leader. He then moved to Metropolitan about eight years ago.

He attended seminary at Virginia Union University, where he picked up his ministry philosophy.

“Love God’s people and do ministry with excellence,” Ware said. “As a pastor, you have to love the people.”

Ware has always had the goal of becoming a senior pastor since he was a little boy.

“I truly believe this has been destined for me,” he said. “I want to be a leader so that God can use me.”

Ware recognizes the difference between “being the church” and simply “having church.”

“We have to give the best,” Ware said. “We want to be the church.”

He said Baker prepared the church well and kept it running for Ware to take over smoothly.

“Everything has been put in place where I could pick up the baton and keep going,” he said. “Reverend Baker did a phenomenal job.”

Baker retired in October after 35 years in the ministry — 25 of them at Greater First Baptist Church Orlando. His vision to build a new church building helped revitalize the surrounding community.

“I am going to continue on the work that Dr. Baker has done,” Ware said. “We’re going to go beyond the walls and make a difference in Orlando and the city of Suffolk.”

Though the new post is a “much greater responsibility” than being youth pastor, Ware said he is up for the challenge.

“I’m very much excited,” he said. “I’m definitely excited for the name of God to take off in Orlando.”

The church is located at 600 Factory St. For more information, call 539-0032.