Land transfers for March 25-31

Published 9:44 pm Saturday, April 2, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

March 25-31

Hearndon Brewers Meadow Building LLC to Darrell W. Watson; 2133 Brians Lane; $322,025

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EAM Properties LLC to Robert W. Babb; 312 Baker St.; $66,100

Fannie Mae to Randy E. Dodson; 106 Tournament Court; $192,600

Nicole B. Womble to Sonya A. Gamble; 2210 Livingston St.; $218,600

MCQ Builders LLC to James E. Lighty; 3025 Blossom Court; $239,900

Professional Foreclosures of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association; 1760 White Marsh Road; $290,067

Professional Foreclosures of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association; 100 Sweet Briars Lane; $427,040

Little John LLC to James L. Robertson; 3.0275 acres on Longstreet Lane; $70,000

RML III Corporation to Willie E. Woodson; 1100 White Heron’s Lane; $531,000

Samuel I. White to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company National Association; 4425 Kendal Way; $341,700

HSBC Bank USA to Ebony S. Smith; 318 Greenfield Crescent; $156,800

Somerton Company LLC to Amy Evans; 1310 Pheasant Circle; $241,200

U.S. Bank National Association to James Durden; 311 Jackson St.; $90,600

Arthalia Boone Kahan to James Bell Sr.; lot at 60 Pleasant Hill; $24,100

Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Gwendolyn Y. Owens; 1203 Woods Edge Circle; $203,500

Fannie Mae to Jack D. McLelland; 145 Dana Drive; $237,000

Fannie Mae to Kelvin B. Sykes; 134 Mulberry St.; $105,600

Hearndon Brewers Meadow Building LLC to Nolen P. Evans; 2134 Brians Lane; $333,000

Barbra M. Hoffman to April M. Davis; 302 Greenfield Crescent; $156,400

Anthony E. Duncan to Chris Laffey; 1575 Nansemond Parkway; $365,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington, D.C., to Ryan L. Elliott; 947 Haskins Drive; $206,700

Marion Elizabeth Cross to Blazer Construction LLC; 149 Chappell Drive; $110,200

Adam Fly to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3500 Longstreet Lane; $198,600

Yong M. Kim to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association; 5102 Bayport Landing; $594,600

Fannie Mae to Linwood A. Owens; 205 King of France Court; $300,800

Julie A. Abboud to Francisco Allen Price; 114 Pitchkettle Point Circle; $377,900

Clarence H. Brooks to Dynamic Homes Corporation; lot on Rt. 604; $16,500

Steven A. Drew to Kristopher J. Kyzar; 4403 Carter Lane; $262,300

Fannie Mae to Lori Ann Lyttle; 1616 Ronald Drive; $258,000

Dai Pham to Frank R. Allen; 118 Summer St.; $89,600

Robert George Herbel to Jason Earl Lyons; 2017 Indian Point Road; $402,200

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Maurice D. Holmes; 2004 Ketches Court; $381,800

Bank of America National Association to Milton S. Green; 113 Squire Reach; $155,100

Clarence H. Brooks to Wilfred Boone; 1 acre on Holy Neck; $24,000

Clarence H. Brooks to Margaret Barnes; 317 Ben St.; $8,000

Brian A. Mitchell to Ann-Rene D. Challenger; 572 Wedgewood Drive; $227,900

Melanie M. Hardy to Wells Fargo Bank; 524 Chisholm Lane; $117,400

Juliann D. Ward to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 212 Woodrow Ave.; $58,800

D.J. Burton LLC to David J. Burton; 127 Day St.; $80,300

Tammy M. Sizer to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 4402 Carter Lane; $379,809.15

Sharon Smith to Carneil Hardy; 4613 Maplewood Drive; $147,100

Ronald Wayne Williams to Richard L. Thomas; 1552 Forest Glen Drive; $173,600

Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Luanne C. Lapoint; 3370 Pittmantown Road; $176,500

Deborah Olds to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C.; 254 Burnetts Way; $158,658

Daniel E. Nieves to Hoyt R. Adickes III; 5045 Huntclub Chase; $227,000

Shawn T. Jones to Bryce I. Bisner; 131 Kingsdale Road; $158,500

William A. Clark IV to Seth S. King; 6807 Ivanhoe Court; $252,500

Beco Construction Inc. to Thomas D. Patterson; 7001 Porthole Place; $280,000