Alleged gang members indicted

Published 9:44 pm Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eleven alleged leaders and members of a violent street gang that operates in Suffolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake have been arrested and charged with a variety of crimes, including murder, attempted murder, robbery and drug distribution.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Virginia unsealed the 59-count indictment Thursday morning. Five of the alleged members of the Bounty Hunter Bloods and Nine Tech Gangsters are from Suffolk.

“Today’s arrests embody an overall anti-gang strategy implemented through the FBI’s Tidewater Violent Crime Task Force in which local, state and federal agencies work together to identify and investigate violent street gangs,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Alex J. Turner.

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Those charged who were members of the Suffolk part of the gang are Amaad Jamaal Brantley, 23; Darius Demarco Prayer, 46; Darren Antoine Pollard, 34, also known as “Wimpy”; Tyrone Williams Jr., 22, also known as “TJ”; and Draindell Domonta Bassett, 22.

Others charged include Dearnta LaVon Thomas, 24, also known as “Bloody Razor”; Kiwanii Edward Mosely, 23, also known as “Ghost”; Jamyia Rashad Brothers, 23, also known as “J-Black”; Roderick Allen Cotton, 23, also known as “Rod”; Jerrell Ivey Woodley, 25, also known as “Rell”; and Marcellous Cornelius Small, 23, also known as “Peanut.”

The enterprise operated primarily out of the College Square, Huntersville and Burbage Grant areas of Suffolk; the Churchland and Craddock sections of Portsmouth; and the Dunedin area of Chesapeake. However, some of the crimes extended to areas like Virginia Beach and Hampton.

Mosely and Brothers are charged in the double murder of John and Ronald Trollinger in Portsmouth.

Several of the crimes, including two attempted murders, an attempted robbery, a robbery, an assault with a dangerous weapon and drug distribution occurred in Suffolk in late 2005 and the spring and summer of 2006.

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, gang members identify themselves with the colors red and black, the number 5, the five-point star, hand signs and the “Dog Paw” tattoo, which consists of three dots forming a triangle on the upper right shoulder.

Police say the Bounty Hunter Bloods and Nine Tech Gangsters joined forces in a procedure known as “tying flags” to increase their joint influence and their ability to make money.

Higher-level leaders of the gangs would acquire drugs for the lower-level members to sell and also acquired firearms to give to the gang members for protection.

The gang began with a Blood “OG” (Original Gangster), who brought the enterprise to the East Coast from Los Angeles, Calif. Membership required the approval of the OG, also known as the “Big Homie.” New members were initiated by being beaten by other members for 31 seconds; completing a criminal act at the direction of leadership; or being “blessed in,” where a potential member was allowed to join the gang without having to undergo any type of initiation.

This is not the first roundup of alleged members of the two gangs. An initial indictment against four individuals came a couple of years ago. A second indictment last April charged eight more individuals. Many of those have since been found guilty of their crimes.

Officials on Thursday said the investigation continues.