Land transfers for April 15 – April 21

Published 9:23 pm Saturday, April 23, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

April 15 – April 21

Frank Douglas to United States of America; 6305 Sheffield Court; $271,105.71

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United States of America to John Stratford; 6305 Sheffield Court; $263,300

Wells Fargo Bank to Roy C. Evans; 326 Bob White Parkway; $522,800

Richard A. Daughtrey III to David A. Bosselman; 6700 Old Myrtle Road; $330,000

PNC Mortgage to Kenneth J. Banks; 2787 Lake Cohoon Road; $379,700

Reese Smith Construction LLC to Walter L. Dixon III; 1011 Quarter Horse Lane; $622,800

Alfred S. Chandler to Thoppil Builders Inc.; 3 acres on Prospect Road; $106,700

Oommen Mathews to Thoppil Builders Inc.; 3 acres on Prospect Road; $106,700

Scott A. Trefts to Patrick Ryan Guzik; 5202 Sandstone Court; $635,000

Fannie Mae to Steve A. Warren; 1307 Spencer Court; $107,400

Sweeter Homes LLC to Richard A. Lanzarotta; 210 Webb Street; $114,900

Charles F. Hughes Jr. to William J. Yost; 1222 Willowbrook Drive; $185,000

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Kshitij Sharma; 5004 Marsh Ridge Court; $619,400

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Timothy L. Wies; 100 Sharpe Drive; $351,000

Glasser and Glasser

PLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 220 Equinox Landing; $228,100

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Kenneth B. Waite; 2428 Alder Place; $351,514

Thomas A. Powell Jr. to Eric W. Matsko; 107 Oakdale Terrace; $135,000

Beco Construction Inc. to Dionne B. Douglas; 6074 Mainsail Lane; $266,260

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Davis D. Sebree; 4028 Abercom Drive; $235,000

Samuel I. White PC to Dwayne I. Miller; 6004B Green Ash Court; $91,900

Thomas E. Ruhser to Franklin K. Boyd; 5212 Regatta Pointe Road; $792,500

ALG Trustee LLC to Bank of America; 808 McKinley Ave.; $45,000

Michael W. Smith to Derrick D. Small; 415 Calvin St.; $299,800

HBES LLC to Ashdon Builders Inc.; 6021 Mainsail Lane; $209,200

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Marc Manucal; 6021 Mainsail Lane; $277,500

Stanley S. Stevens to Guy T. Wallace; 5109 Bayport Landing; $657,500

Franklin L. Powell to Branch Rentals LLC; property on Harrell Drive; $52,900

Knox Vivian Estelle to Branch Rentals LLC; lot in Hunterville area; $23,700

Judith Brinkley Fischer to Robbin H. Sezter; 152 River Point Drive; $154,400

Angela P. James to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 1410 Teton Circle; $181,600

Tidewater Fair Downs LLC to Marvin N. Hall; 2076 Freeney Ave.; $173,210

Bank of New York Mellon to Jeremiah Shallcross; 811 Rilee Drive; $194,800

Angela M. Bondurant to Virginia L. Bondurant; 2022 Augusta Court; $9,000

David B. Howard to Lawrence L. Quier; 1004 White Herons Lane; $688,500

Kristopher Ian Sperlik

to Jeanne M. Imhof;

5032 Prestwick St.; $197,300

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Griffin Global Enterprise Inc.; 1003 Truman Road; $25,000

Nolan N. Ta to Belinda J. Holmes; 6205 S. Oaken Gate Drive; $264,900

Troy G. Morgan to Samuel B. Stahl; 8569 Crittenden Road; $239,000

Virginia Legal Services LLC to Quality Properties Asset Management Company; $180 E. Washington St.; $114,123

Lenora K. Nuckols to Christopher B. Matson; 4172 Schooner Blvd.; $256,000

John J. Rowell to Rowell Development LLC; 5214 Regatta Point Road; $330,000

Clarence H. Brooks to

Hilda N. Montgomery; $9,500