Recycling Perks program begins soon

Published 8:58 pm Saturday, April 30, 2011

Folks in Suffolk who already participate in a recycling program through TFC Recycling are beginning to receive information about how they can participate in a “Recycling Perks” program that rewards them for putting their can out.

TFC is one possible option for a third-party company to provide a proposed citywide curbside recycling program that begins July 1, assuming it remains intact through the rest of the budget process.

“We’ve just begun to reach out to those people to explain to them how Recycling Perks works,” said Bill Dempsey, vice president of Recycling Perks, of the people who already participate in curbside recycling in the city. “We’ve had great success with using it.”

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Recycling Perks allows recyclers to build up points for every time they put their can out on the street. They then can choose from rewards like coupons for local retailers, restaurants, entertainment and more.

“If you have a recycling container, your container is registered with Recycling Perks,” Dempsey said. “When that container is picked up, we reward points to people for participation.”

TFC currently provides a curbside recycling program in the city for people who sign up and pay $12 a month. The city’s budget proposal would expand curbside recycling citywide in July and charge every household a mandatory $18.50 fee.

Dempsey said people who participate in the program have the chance to save up to $25 per month in rewards. People can also use their points to help charities receive cash rewards.

“The goal for us is to make it a win-win situation for local businesses who want to promote their business and reward people for recycling,” as well as for individuals, for the city and for TFC, Dempsey said.

In the event that TFC becomes the company providing a citywide recycling program, Dempsey said the perks program can help make it more palatable for citizens who don’t want to pay for curbside recycling.

“We’re just trying to provide a solution that would help people,” Dempsey said.

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