Beacon of hope

Published 10:06 pm Saturday, May 7, 2011

There was a celebration to be had on Bank Street on Friday.

The Suffolk Salvation Army, which was been helping bring physical, mental and spiritual well-being to Suffolk residents for decades, had finally reached the point in its capital campaign where board members felt it was appropriate to break ground on a new building.

The new, 22,400-square-foot building will include a gymnasium, a computer room, classrooms, a wellness center and more.

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But more important than the size of the building, how much it cost to build, its furnishings or anything else is the fact that the building will be a beacon of hope for those in the surrounding community.

At the new Physical Health and Education building, people from the area can find not just basketballs, but Bible studies; not just computers, but caring; not just a gymnasium, but God.

The Salvation Army helps those who seek its material help, without fail. But as a Christian organization, the Salvation Army also is looking to make an eternal impact on those who walk through the door — namely, helping them come to and cultivate a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

It’s a fact many alluded to at Friday’s event.

“If this facility saves just one soul, this facility is a priceless facility,” Councilman Charles Parr said.

As the construction of the building gets off the ground, we can only praise God for the vision-filled folks at the Salvation Army and the numerous donors to the capital campaign that made the building possible.